Engraved USB Dog Tag ID

Engraved USB Dog Tag Medical ID Necklace full sizeEngraved USB Dog Tag Medical ID Necklace full sizeEngraved USB Dog Tag Medical ID Necklace full sizeEngraved USB Dog Tag Medical ID Necklace full sizeEngraved USB Dog Tag Medical ID Necklace full size
Engraved USB Dog Tag Medical ID Necklace icon
Engraved USB Dog Tag Medical ID Necklace icon
Engraved USB Dog Tag Medical ID Necklace icon
Engraved USB Dog Tag Medical ID Necklace icon
Engraved USB Dog Tag Medical ID Necklace icon

Introducing the USB Dog Tag ID...the first ever engravable USB/Medical ID!
  • Engrave your most important medical details on the surface of the dog tag medical ID
  • Enter and store the rest of your medical information on the 2GB USB flash drive portable personal health file
  • Password protected, pre-loaded forms - simple to set up and update

*This device is only compatible with operating systems that support 32-bit applications.

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Engraved USB Dog Tag ID Silicone USB Dog Tag

Keep your medical information with you at all times!

  • Doctor Visits
  • Pharmacy Consults
  • While Traveling
  • In an Emergency

This 2GB USB is perfect to store your:

  • Medical Conditions
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Doctors' Names
  • Insurance Information
  • Documents
    (such as living wills, donor cards, EKGs, CTs, x-rays, etc.)

The password protected Engraved USB Dog Tag ID is compatible with Windows® 2000/ Vista/ XP/ 7, and Mac OS X 10.5.6

  • 5.1 cm by 3.8 cm Steel and Stainless Steel Dog Tag Necklace
  • Weighs approximately 22 grams
  • 46 cm, 51 cm, 61 cm or 70 cm Stainless Steel Bead chain included
  • 4 lines of custom engraving available on back
  • Engraved USB Dog Tag ID is not water-proof protected
  • Information is on-screen viewing only
  • This item is non-returnable

  • Number of Reviews: 468,

    Sat Oct 03, 2017: Seems to be very good quality. Very easy process to purchase. Only question I have is whether or not it’s water proof? That would be a plus for someone who should have this on at all times. Thanks for asking

    Reviewer: Charles R.
    Fri Sep 18, 2017: great that the program was on the usb and didn’t have to program everything myself

    Reviewer: Marlene L.
    Fri Sep 18, 2017:

    Reviewer: John H.
    Fri Sep 18, 2017: Good

    Reviewer: L. A.
    Sat Sep 05, 2017: Very heavy.

    Fri Sep 04, 2017:

    Reviewer: Deborah B.
    Thu Sep 03, 2017: Very clear to read the out side I haven’t try the USB yet ,As I’m going try any get my DR. too Fill it out for me.

    Reviewer: Jim L.
    Tue Sep 01, 2017: It is good could have more space for information.

    Reviewer: Robert B.
    Tue Sep 01, 2017: very satisfied with the product

    Reviewer: Steven P.
    Fri Aug 28, 2017: Very well made and much nicer for me because I have a lot of medical info that will not fit on a normal medical ID tag.

    Reviewer: Steven P.
    Fri Aug 28, 2017: Very well made and much nicer for me because I have a lot of medical info that will not fit on a normal medical ID tag.

    Reviewer: Julia L.
    Tue Aug 18, 2017: My husband was pleased with the dog tag. However, I wish I had ordered a longer chain.

    Reviewer: Charles R.
    Sat Jul 04, 2017: The product is exactly what I was looking for, an engraved dog tag that could hold my prescription information. The chain was the perfect size and I am happy it.

    Reviewer: Neal P.
    Fri Jul 03, 2017:

    Tue Jun 23, 2017: I purchased this for my father. He is very proud to wear his ID tag. It would be nice however to be able to have something engraved on the front as well.

    Mon May 25, 2017:

    Reviewer: Sheila O.
    Sun May 24, 2017: It appears as it did online.

    Sat May 23, 2017: excellent ,except its not waterproof

    Reviewer: David B.
    Sat May 23, 2017: Some of my medical information is extremely personal. The product I purchased is the only one that I found that both protected my privacy and allowed health care providers access to that information.

    Sat May 16, 2017: It is too heavy to wear as a necklace, will be trying to make it into a key chain.

    Reviewer: Thomas L.
    Fri May 15, 2017: solid, appears to be capable of long life

    Reviewer: Lori D.
    Sat May 02, 2017: I loved the fact I could upload pertinent medical information to the USB but thought the engraving on the front was too light and hard to read.

    Reviewer: Harold H.
    Fri Apr 17, 2017: Small, light enough to wear all day. Had enough room to get all of my medical info written down. My only question, why did it take 13 days for mail to deliver when it only had to go from Houston to San Antonio?

    Reviewer: Manley R.
    Tue Mar 24, 2017:

    Reviewer: James V.
    Fri Mar 20, 2017: We are very impressed with this purchase

    Reviewer: Roger H.
    Sat Feb 28, 2017: The chain is too short.

    Sat Feb 28, 2017:

    Reviewer: Gus K.
    Fri Feb 27, 2017: The workmanship and how easy it was to load my information.

    Reviewer: Jean-pierre B.
    Fri Feb 27, 2017: I’ve purchased this USB dog tag because I have trouble to fasten my bracelet by myself. The dog tag is easy to put on and the USB key contain much more informations than the bracelet. I find it more helpful and more practical.

    Reviewer: Clinton W.
    Wed Feb 11, 2017: the decal is wearing off love the usb option but the decal paint is wearing and not very professionally done.

    Reviewer: Gary L.
    Tue Feb 10, 2017:

    Reviewer: Danny A.
    Fri Feb 06, 2017: vey good; easy to load data via computer.

    Reviewer: Tom V.
    Tue Jan 27, 2017:

    Reviewer: Adrienne K.
    Sat Jan 24, 2017: Your custom service persons were very helpful and completely understood what I needed, and why I needed it done a specific way. I was really impressed with the USB capability. When I needed a recent diagnosis added, there was no problem. The representative really seemed concerned. I appreciated that. Thank you Adrienne Kelley

    Reviewer: Steve G.
    Sat Jan 10, 2017: Like the device itself very much, would have liked an option on a better chain though.

    Reviewer: Robert O.
    Sat Jan 10, 2017:

    Reviewer: Kip C.
    Thu Jan 08, 2017: I like the look,feel,and overall quality of the product. I liked that it was very easy to set up. I wish more characters could be used when engraving the front, but, I am very happy with my purchase.

    Reviewer: Daniel S.
    Wed Jan 07, 2017: The dog tag style that I bought appears to be of very good/high quality. Its appearance is clean easy to wear as well. As for filling in the needed info on its thumb drive was easy, plus you have the ability to update/change the info on it as needed.

    Reviewer: Janice T.
    Sat Jan 03, 2017: This is perfect. The USB port worked seamlessly with my computer and the program opened readily. I was able to include ALL medical information and the complete list of medications.

    Reviewer: Robina P.
    Sat Dec 27, 2016:

    Reviewer: James C.
    Sat Dec 20, 2016: I have found it to be a blessing. Now I am able to have medical information and records with me at all times.

    Reviewer: James H.
    Sat Dec 20, 2016: i like it

    Reviewer: Darrell W.
    Wed Dec 17, 2016: The tag is just as advertised. I am wearing it now and will have the Doctor download my meds on it. It looks good. I need to get another soon for my Wife to list her allergies.

    Mon Dec 15, 2016:

    Reviewer: Curtis N.
    Thu Dec 11, 2016:

    Fri Dec 05, 2016: Smart work, with the USB chip.

    Reviewer: Beatrice H.
    Thu Dec 04, 2016: Excellent product and value All my information, especially my doctor, emergency contact and list of all my seven medications is available to emergency workers via flash drive

    Reviewer: Eldon L.
    Tue Nov 11, 2016: works great all your information in one secure place until it is needed,and so easy to update. no more paper lists to carry around.

    Mon Nov 10, 2016:

    Reviewer: Susan A.
    Sat Nov 08, 2016: Now that hospitals are leary of plugging in a usb I really, really appreciate the fact that you engrave the back of the tag. It will save my life even if they don’t plug in my chip.

    Reviewer: Andrew L.
    Sat Nov 08, 2016: Appears to be good quality. Have not attempted to enter data in internal USB card therefore unable comment on that as yet.

    Fri Nov 07, 2016: The tag is good quality, however, the software leaves a lot to be desired.

    Reviewer: Rose Z.
    Thu Nov 06, 2016: It’s a great idea, but I had some trouble with the USB connecting to my computer to download the information.

    Reviewer: Tiffany L.
    Thu Nov 06, 2016: This is an overall great product. The reason for three stars is it is not compatible with linux operating systems.

    Reviewer: William M.
    Sat Nov 01, 2016:

    Reviewer: Nancy N.
    Sat Nov 01, 2016: Nice Its what I expeted

    Reviewer: Rick G.
    Fri Oct 31, 2016: Liked the design but felt the instructions for adding info to the USB device could have been more clear.

    Reviewer: Martha E.
    Sat Oct 25, 2016: it is like I am attached to healthy medical card when I have it on. I feel safe to do things on my own again. thank you

    Reviewer: Dianne B.
    Thu Oct 23, 2016: It’s nice to know that if anything happens to me, medical personnel will know all about me.

    Reviewer: Roger L.
    Sun Oct 19, 2016:

    Reviewer: Marty W.
    Thu Oct 16, 2016: The very same way a scuba diver will not dive without a second regulator line, This Med tag can prove to do the same (a second chance at life). We all hope that we never need it but it sure feels good knowing that it’s there. I would like to see a slide lock on this tag to lock the usb out or in instead of having to hold the existing one steady till it is inserted,

    Reviewer: William F.
    Sat Oct 11, 2016: The flash drive is an ideal way for the additional info you just cannot squeeze into the limited space provided for written info.

    Reviewer: Richard S.
    Sat Oct 11, 2016: Sturdy product but engraving difficult to read. Could use dark ink in the engraving.

    Reviewer: Jerry L.
    Tue Oct 07, 2016: Easy to use.

    Reviewer: Timothy W.
    Sat Oct 04, 2016:

    Reviewer: Francis M.
    Fri Oct 03, 2016: Is a great looking necklace.

    Reviewer: Dennis B.
    Thu Oct 02, 2016: Exactly as offered. Very satisfied.

    Reviewer: Lori B.
    Tue Sep 30, 2016: Love the flash drive and sincerely appreciate the longer chain. Only thoughts would be a way to decrease chance of port coming g out of necklace in own. Maybe a latch over opening or way to cover the button to slide it out. Excellent product though. Too bad they can’t be waterproof

    Thu Sep 25, 2016: well done

    Reviewer: George R.
    Wed Sep 24, 2016: The product was as advertised. I’m pleased with the workmanship and the price. However, for a 2GB drive, it should allow more space for meds, diagnoses, PDFs, and etc..

    Reviewer: Donald G.
    Wed Sep 24, 2016:

    Reviewer: Thomas H.
    Sun Sep 21, 2016: It is not cumbersome and gives me a safer feeling in case of an accident.

    Reviewer: Lester F.
    Sat Sep 20, 2016: should have a ring in the mounting hole so the tag can hang flat on your chest

    Reviewer: Paul
    Sat Sep 20, 2016: Nice product. Engraving is well done.

    Wed Sep 17, 2016: It’s very nice. It’s good for people, like my husband, who takes a lot of medications that doesn’t fit on the outside and the medication doses change after every blood test.

    Reviewer: Carter M.
    Sat Sep 06, 2016:

    Reviewer: Curtiss C.
    Sat Sep 06, 2016: good product. I like this type of medical ID.

    Reviewer: Mark R.
    Thu Sep 04, 2016: very nice

    Reviewer: Shirley H.
    Tue Sep 02, 2016:

    Reviewer: Lynn C.
    Fri Aug 22, 2016: easy to use. Will hold tons of data. I store mine in PDF files which anyone can read.

    Reviewer: Edward C.
    Sun Aug 17, 2016: the chain was still too long. the ring keeps gettin caught in the chest hair and pulls it

    Reviewer: Kevin K.
    Sat Aug 16, 2016: Very impressed with quality and storage space as downloaded many documents including my Kaiser’s entire Medical Records; however, I did realize to change the embossed er contact I would have to purchase another one and realized er contacts do change so that sort of sucks, but not really an issue with your product just part of life

    Sat Aug 16, 2016:

    Reviewer: Richard T.
    Tue Aug 12, 2016: I am very pleased with it.

    Reviewer: Turner A.
    Sun Aug 10, 2016: Could use 1 more line for engraving

    Reviewer: Raymond C.
    Fri Aug 08, 2016:

    Wed Aug 06, 2016:

    Reviewer: Len C.
    Sat Aug 02, 2016: I love the fact that I can store my medical information. The style/quality of the chain does not accent the quality of the tag.

    Reviewer: Bradley H.
    Sat Aug 02, 2016: This is alot better then the one I had gotten from another company. This one with it’s retractable usb port should not get damaged as easily as the one I had which was not retractable.

    Reviewer: Melvin B.
    Fri Aug 01, 2016: It is very conducive to one’s overall health and well being to have background information on an informative basis for emergency and/or General practice personnel.

    Reviewer: John M.
    Thu Jul 31, 2016: It came out ok.

    Reviewer: David M.
    Mon Jul 28, 2016: I am impressed with the product I purchased, my only suggestion woul be to have some contrasting color to the engraving to help you see it better.

    Reviewer: John D.
    Mon Jul 28, 2016: I like the usb tag. User friendly. Chain could be of better quality.

    Reviewer: Karalee S.
    Sat Jul 26, 2016:

    Reviewer: Patrick M.
    Tue Jul 22, 2016: Nice and clean looking.

    Fri Jul 11, 2016:

    Wed Jul 09, 2016: easy to load the info in the USB, overall, impressed is the word to use

    Wed Jul 09, 2016: I thought I would be able to load more on this.

    Reviewer: Reed B.
    Sun Jul 06, 2016: Great product, but wish it was waterproof, but hard to do with an SBM card in it.

    Sat Jul 05, 2016:

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