Infinity Necklace Red with Silver Curb Chain

Infinity Medic ID Necklace Red with Silver Curb Chain full sizeInfinity Medic ID Necklace Red with Silver Curb Chain full sizeInfinity Medic ID Necklace Red with Silver Curb Chain full sizeInfinity Medic ID Necklace Red with Silver Curb Chain full size
Infinity Medic ID Necklace Red with Silver Curb Chain icon
Infinity Medic ID Necklace Red with Silver Curb Chain icon
Infinity Medic ID Necklace Red with Silver Curb Chain icon
Infinity Medic ID Necklace Red with Silver Curb Chain icon

  • Offered in 14ct, 10ct, 10ct Gold-Filled, Sterling Silver and Stainless Steel
  • Curb style necklace chain included at no extra cost

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Infinity Necklace

  • Approximately 3 cm diameter
  • Weight approximately 10 grams
  • Comes with Sterling Silver Curb Chain: 51 cm or 61 cm
  • 6 lines available for engraving on back
  • A rhodium overlay on the engraving surface helps to minimize scratching and tarnishing

Number of Reviews: 59,

Reviewer: Susan
Tue Sep 01, 2017: I like this necklace because it does’nt look like a typical medic article.

Reviewer: Debbie B.
Tue Jul 21, 2017: The in graving is really hard to read

Reviewer: Lynda B.
Fri Jul 10, 2017:

Reviewer: Jill F.
Thu Jul 09, 2017: It’s great

Reviewer: Lynda B.
Thu Jul 09, 2017:

Reviewer: Gerri S.
Tue Jun 30, 2017: I think it’s beautiful. It’s more convenient for me to wear the necklace than a bracelet so it gets the job done when I have to leave the house.

Reviewer: Carolynn W.
Thu Jun 04, 2017:

Thu Apr 09, 2017:

Reviewer: Karen O.
Fri Feb 06, 2017: Very nice product. Wishing you offered a chain that was a little longer, maybe 27-28 inch. Came early and is great quality. thanks

Fri Nov 14, 2016:

Reviewer: Linda L.
Fri Nov 14, 2016: It is a lovely necklace and looks much more expensive than your price. Also you under promised and over delivered on the delivery. About a full week ahead of schedule. Great service.

Reviewer: Everett S.
Sat Oct 11, 2016:

Reviewer: Irene D.
Wed Oct 08, 2016: It is of very good quality.I especially liked the identification card that came with it.

Reviewer: Kim J.
Mon Oct 06, 2016: NIce

Reviewer: Robert C.
Fri Oct 03, 2016: Much nicer looking that I had originally expected.

Reviewer: Carolyn L.
Thu Oct 02, 2016: Larger than I thought. But growing on me everyday.

Reviewer: Arub K.
Wed Sep 10, 2016: The design and size are good.

Reviewer: Dee L.
Sat Aug 16, 2016: It’s definitely unique. I also purchased a 14 k gold bracelet, but unfortunately you didn’t have the style. This sterling piece will certainly get the looks, I published a fashion magazine for 10 years and I like the idea of being able to change things up Keep up with the good service and unique ideas. Anyone can be basic

Reviewer: Daveie R.
Fri May 23, 2016: I really like this & so does my husband. It is a little larger than expected & looks good one. I am much happier with your prices & quality of products than I was with Medic Alert Thank you

Reviewer: Phyllis M.
Sat Mar 29, 2016:

Reviewer: Amy G.
Thu Mar 13, 2016: I am very please with this product.

Reviewer: Suzanne D.
Thu Dec 19, 2015: Very well-made and attractive.

Reviewer: Karen K.
Sat Dec 07, 2015: LOVE it , but again, this is a gift and I am not sure how it will hold up.

Reviewer: Ruth G.
Thu Oct 10, 2015: It looks fine and should provide the information I need when needed.

Wed Oct 09, 2015: Very nice, easy to wear.

Reviewer: Carol R.
Thu Aug 01, 2015: I’ve always had a medical ID bracelet. Wanted to wear other bracerlets so thought I would try a necklace. I like it very much. I also like the design on it.

Reviewer: Lisa O.
Tue Jul 09, 2015: Nice design but too big, it doesn’t sit flat on my neck.this product flips easily showing your information.

Reviewer: Monica M.
Tue May 28, 2015: Very well designed.

Reviewer: Lisa B.
Fri May 24, 2015: i like the weight of the heavy chain, and the design of the necklace

Reviewer: Jim P.
Thu May 09, 2015: Very happy with my purchase....great quality & unique, which is what I was looking for. I ordered the 24 chain, medallion hits me about mid-chest.

Reviewer: Sheila S.
Tue Apr 23, 2015: I feel that the red symbol is probably too small to be easily detected by an emergency responder.

Reviewer: Irene R.
Sat Apr 20, 2015: I was pleasantly surprised. It was much more tasteful than I expected.

Thu Mar 28, 2015:

Reviewer: Robert Y.
Tue Mar 19, 2015:

Reviewer: Jp W.
Thu Jan 10, 2015: was disappointed in the quality. looked cheaper than what I was expecting.

Reviewer: Dr. Kurt W.
Thu Jan 03, 2015: very nice

Reviewer: Jessica C.
Tue Dec 04, 2012: This is by far the nicest medical alert necklace I have had.

Reviewer: Kathleen K.
Mon Jun 25, 2012: I absolutely love this necklace. It is stylish, easy to read, and makes me feel safe when out alone. The medical symbol is big enough to see but not too big that it draws attention to you.

Reviewer: L ..
Thu Jun 07, 2012: Expected better quality for the price. The front of the id had some discoloration in the silver surfacing and a mark by the red medical tag. From the presentation of the advertised product online I expected a better product.

Reviewer: Roxanne S.
Mon Dec 26, 2011: Loved it just wished I would have put my name on the front of it

Fri Dec 23, 2011: Fantastic

Reviewer: Gregory J.
Tue Nov 22, 2011: The ID is nice. The leather necklace was short. It should be advertised that it is barely able to reach around the neck. I had to order a leather necklace from another dealer to wear it.

Reviewer: Suzanne J.
Thu Aug 25, 2011: Too heavy for comfort. Red alert is too small. Engraving difficult to read.

Reviewer: Anke R.
Fri Jun 17, 2011: the product looks great but the lock was broke when I received it

Reviewer: Harold D.
Thu Apr 14, 2011: I actually ordered the Titanium necklace. I like it for the most part. I should have ordered a longer chain, as this is a bit difficult to put on. It would have been better if I could just put it on over my head.

Reviewer: Charity J.
Wed Dec 15, 2010: It is a little big but I love it. I am very happy to wear this badge of protection. The chain could be a little longer. I got the 24 chain but I would like the necklace to hang further down my torso.

Reviewer: Eileen Y.
Wed Dec 01, 2010: I like the quality and design of the product. Get the designer to do a bracelet. Also a gold-over-silver necklace version would be fantastic.

Reviewer: Candy P.
Thu Oct 14, 2010: Beautiful product. The engraving is larger and easier to read. It is different from any other medical id I have ever seen and I LOVE it.

Reviewer: Candy P.
Mon Oct 04, 2010: Loved the charm, but the necklace was just a tiny bit long for my taste.

Reviewer: Melissa J.
Fri Aug 06, 2010: I love the Infinity charm, but would have liked to have had the option of type of metal the necklace was made of. I had to purchase a gold necklace from a jeweler after I found that I was allergic to the necklace that came with it.

Reviewer: Jean C.
Wed Jul 07, 2010: I would not have purchased had I seen it in person. ~ engraving font is too thin to read easily. when ordering it appeared to be bolder ~ would expect a nicer chain for the price ~ feel ring that chain goes thru would look better if smaller I love the idea of the ID necklace, however, I don’t feel it’s as ’classy’ as represented

Reviewer: Karen P.
Mon May 24, 2010: It is a beautiful piece of jewelry and I have had several compliments. Most people are stunned to learn that it is a medic alert. The engraving is quite easy to read. Also, the delivery was super fast. My order came a week before your estimated date.

Reviewer: Joel K.
Mon May 03, 2010: Nice, a little smaller than I expected

Reviewer: Marilyn G.
Tue Apr 20, 2010: I like it very much. Gives me a sense of security and I have had compliments on it ’s look

Reviewer: Maureen J.
Mon Apr 19, 2010: I was suprised with the size of the charm. I was impressed with the detailing and the uniqueness of the charm as well. This was a gift for my son. I ’m sure that he will get years of enjoyment from the charm.

Reviewer: Paula R.
Tue Mar 02, 2010: I think it ’s both elegant and sturdy. I ’m very pleased with it.

Reviewer: Haylea B.
Tue Mar 02, 2010: I love it... it has a cool design and I enjoy wearing it... -)

Reviewer: Blanche D.

Reviewer: Greg S.
Fri Jan 22, 2010: It is very classy and unique. It is a item that draws attention. I have been asked where did I get it. And I have told them it is for medical reason.

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