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We are proud of the work we do and we are proud of our courageous customers. Their many stories about the comfort and critical help provided by our medical IDs encourage us to continue working to the highest standards. Here are some testimonies from our customers.

Wendy Laing
I'm so pleased to have my IHR bracelet, and ID necklace & medical card, which proved its worth a couple of years ago when I was admitted into hospital with pneumonia. The doctors & nurses had immediate access to everything that they need to know, regarding my medical conditions, allergies & current medications, plus they had the ability to look up important files via my link online. MIH is a true lifesaver & protector! I life a full life, and know that in any emergency, doctors, nurses, & ambulance staff can access my information easily.

Bill Lindsay
I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease when I was 59 in 2003 . I have since had the DBS (Deep Brain Operation) which has helped me immensely to combat dyskinesia. I had to leave my job as the Traffic Facilities Manger 9 years ago. Since that time I have been actively helping other PD sufferers. My wife Robyn & myself run the Manly/Mosman Parkinson's Support Group which meets once a month. We have travelled overseas to the Parkinson's World Congress firstly in Montreal in 2013 then last year in Portland, Oregon. Hopefully I will be well enough to attend the next one in 2019 in Kyoto , Japan. My walking & balance has suffered greatly but thanks to a new cobalite walker I can get around. My identify bracelet is a great comfort to me especially as I tend to fall a lot & now people can read my bracelet & know I have Parkinsons.

Rob Moss
I've had an allergy to penicillin for quite some time now and have been always saying i should get a medical ID bracelet but kept putting it off until a recent trip to hospital for an operation in which they gave me penicillin even though they ask you all the time do you have any allergies. So I ordered one straight away after getting out and will wear it all the time to highlight the fact that I have a medical condition so this doesn't happen again.

Scott A., Chipping Norton, NSW

I've worked in the outdoor adventure industry my whole life. I've worked as a lifeguard from pools to lakes, as a climbing guide, back country wilderness guide and as a survival instructor. With the years I've worked in the outdoor adventure industry I've come across a number of medical alert bracelets and similar apparel with customers and people I've had to rescue over the years. To say that the medical alert system has caused me to save lives would be accurate.

Suzanne M., Sydney, NSW

My name is Suzanne and my Medi ID is the tip of the iceberg and the icing on the cake. The iceberg and the cake have been intertwined since I was 10 years old - I am now 30. But I'll be honest; there are worse things in life than ice-cream cake! I wear my Medi Alert bracelet for its practical use and its constant reassurance for my mind.

Anne B., Mt. Martha, Victoria

Hello my name is Anne Breen and I have Von Willebrand's' let me guess, you've never heard of it? Thanks to Universal Medical ID, if I am ever in accident the paramedics will see on my necklace exactly what I have; my blood type and my ICE (in case of emergency phone number).

Andy Corbitt, Forfar Scotland

I purchased a stainless steel dog-tag style ID necklace a few years ago when I was first diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. I regard it as essential to identify my condition in case of emergency, and the ID dog-tag is perfect. The fact that it also doubles as a stylish piece of jewellry is a added bonus. This will last me years, but if it ever does have to be replaced, you can count on me ordering from Universal Medical ID UK...again.

Charlotte Rand, Essex UK

I got a band when I realised I was having a few seizures a month and not always with somebody I know when out in public. So looked it up online and came across this website, it was very easy to use when inputting my details for the engraving and was delivered quickly. I have had my band for a few years now and don't leave the house without it. It's great, with the silicone I can change colours to match my daily outfit and they're all bright so easily noticeable. I highly recommend this to anybody who suffers from illnesses or allergies. I have even written about it in an article for a newsletter for the South East Essex Epilepsy Society and contained a link to your website.

Kelli D.

I have had 6 brain surgeries; the first one in 1973. Not until a mistake by the last Doctor did I have any problems. I am now still healing from the last procedure on April 1, 2009. At this time I have a spot on my brain (from the bleed in 2009) that presents a potential for seizures. I had my first, and hopefully last, seizure in September of 2011. I am thankful that I was not home alone, but because of the possibility of another seizure, I purchased a medical ID with the necessary medical information listed on it. I do feel safe now and know that if I am ever alone and need assistance in a medical emergency, my ID will possibly save my life.

Nancy P.

I have severe life threatening allergies along with other medical conditions - one being my heart. I have had 4 heart catherizations in the past year. Even though I carry a medical alert on paper with medications and medical history, I feel so secure knowing that I have this medical bracelet on. It gives me confidence that in an emergency, all the information is at hand. Thank you for the opportunity to share.

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