Odyssey Elite Bracelet

Odyssey Elite Gold and Sterling Silver Medical ID Bracelet full sizeOdyssey Elite Gold and Sterling Silver Medical ID Bracelet full sizeOdyssey Elite Gold and Sterling Silver Medical ID Bracelet full sizeOdyssey Elite Gold and Sterling Silver Medical ID Bracelet full sizeOdyssey Elite Gold and Sterling Silver Medical ID Bracelet full sizeOdyssey Elite Gold and Sterling Silver Medical ID Bracelet full sizeOdyssey Elite Gold and Sterling Silver Medical ID Bracelet full sizeOdyssey Elite Gold and Sterling Silver Medical ID Bracelet full size
Odyssey Elite Gold and Sterling Silver Medical ID Bracelet icon
Odyssey Elite Gold and Sterling Silver Medical ID Bracelet icon
Odyssey Elite Gold and Sterling Silver Medical ID Bracelet icon
Odyssey Elite Gold and Sterling Silver Medical ID Bracelet icon
Odyssey Elite Gold and Sterling Silver Medical ID Bracelet icon
Odyssey Elite Gold and Sterling Silver Medical ID Bracelet icon
Odyssey Elite Gold and Sterling Silver Medical ID Bracelet icon
Odyssey Elite Gold and Sterling Silver Medical ID Bracelet icon

Featuring a unique and stunning pairing of precious metals, the Odyssey Elite is perfect for those looking to make a statement with their medical ID.

  • 10ct solid gold medical emblem on an oxidized sterling silver background
  • Sturdy sterling silver cable style chain and claw clasp included

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Odyssey Elite Bracelet

Odyssey Elite Bracelet

  • Bracelet dimensions approximately 3.2 cm by 1.6 cm
  • Weight is 34 grams
  • Available on a Cable chain
  • Available Sizes: 18 cm, 20 cm or 23 cm
  • Four lines of engraving available
  • Engraving detail instructions provided after making product selection
  • Oxidation on actual pieces may vary
  • This item cannot be resized

Number of Reviews: 120,

Reviewer: Effie C.
Tue Sep 15, 2017: This is my second purchase of this bracelet. I bought one 6 years ago right after my transplant. Had to replace it because the clasp broke.

Reviewer: Patt F.
Wed Sep 09, 2017: It’s a beautifully designed piece of jewelry. My only complaint is that I measured per your instructions but the bracelet fit tight to my wrist and I had to have a jeweler add a link.

Reviewer: Nancy T.
Sat Aug 15, 2017: Appears to be well made, I love the design and the weight of it. My only concern is with how the chain attaches to the medallion, the attachments are crimped on and not welded or soldered. I am afraid they may pull out over time. But overall I am very pleased

Reviewer: Bitsy B
Thu Aug 06, 2017: Very pleased, the bracelet is weighty, but not uncomfortably so. It actually looks better than its picture.

Reviewer: Bonnie C.
Sun Jul 12, 2017:

Reviewer: Carol R.
Thu Jul 09, 2017:

Reviewer: Rebecca S.
Tue Jun 16, 2017: I love my bracelet. It is too short even though I measured my wrist before I ordered it. I would like to have a link or two added and them it will be absolutely perfect. I get a lot of compliments on it, especially from others who wear medical id’s.

Reviewer: Jr K.
Tue Apr 21, 2017: It was exactly what I hoped.

Reviewer: Julie P.
Wed Mar 04, 2017: Beautiful, high quality piece of jewlery. Love it.

Reviewer: Deb T.
Thu Feb 26, 2017: heavier than I thought it would be and chain link larger than I thought. I do like the medallion part of the bracelet.

Reviewer: Mary Dolores H.
Fri Feb 06, 2017: Looks great but lettering is hard to read - we are 68 & 66 so the eyes aren’t what they used to be.

Reviewer: Linda R.
Wed Feb 04, 2017: I am very happy with the quality and appearance of my ID Bracelet.

Reviewer: Margaret W.
Wed Feb 04, 2017: Great engraving, very accurate

Reviewer: Donna
Sun Feb 01, 2017: Very nice appearance, however a bit difficult to fasten.

Reviewer: Rosalie G.
Tue Dec 30, 2016: Really great quality, plus it looks good. I ordered it to small and the customer service representative took care of it right away. Very professional.

Reviewer: Alice B.
Mon Dec 29, 2016: I like the bracelet. The links were much larger than I expected. Didn’t know that the care was going to be difficult because of the material on the insignia

Fri Dec 26, 2016: I love it Excellent product beautiful & stylish but with all the vital info. Lots of compliments.

Sun Dec 14, 2016: Quality, classy

Sun Dec 07, 2016: I love the quality of the bracelet and the fact it doesn’t look like a medical bracelet. It’s a nice piece of jewelry.

Thu Nov 13, 2016: I love it It looks like a piece of jewelry.

Tue Nov 11, 2016: I fell in love with this look and finally bought it for myself. It is not a bit too large for a woman to wear. It is as wonderful in person as it is on the web. I’m really pleased.

Reviewer: Cynthia W.
Sat Oct 18, 2016: This is a quality piece of jewelry - will last a lifetime and keep me safe.

Sat Oct 11, 2016: Nice looking bracelet. Overpriced and takes entirely too long to make/ship.

Reviewer: Elizabeth B.
Thu Oct 09, 2016: Very well made and information was correct on flip side. I was a little dissapointed with the background. It looked unfinished. However I’m feeling better that I have a way of speaking if I am unable to. A sales person at a jewelers commented on the bracelet saying she thought it was great.

Reviewer: Margaret L.
Sat Sep 06, 2016:

Reviewer: Jerry I.
Tue Aug 26, 2016:

Reviewer: Sharon T.
Mon Aug 04, 2016: Just what I wanted since I need to wear it all the time I wanted to like looking at it. Worth the

Sun Jul 20, 2016: Perfect ...

Sat Jul 05, 2016: My new bracelet looks excellent and I feel that I can wear it with anything sportswear to formal wear. I am very impressed

Wed Jun 25, 2016: I am very pleased with my new medical bracelet I would have preferred a less bulky chain, but other than that the workmanship is quite good Thank you

Reviewer: Beverly W.
Tue Jun 24, 2016: The bracelet was great looking The only problem was that the 7 was to small for my wrist even though I usually where a 7 . But they were very helpful and I return it for a larger size just waiting for them to return it.

Reviewer: Susan S.
Sun Jun 22, 2016:

Reviewer: Maryann Z.
Sun May 11, 2016: Quality product. Looks attractive, if a bit larger than I thought it would be. Still can be worn w/ dresses or casual clothes. Very pleased.

Reviewer: Deborah D.
Fri May 09, 2016: I love my bracelet. It fits perfectly and the engraving is very nice.

Reviewer: Walter G.
Thu Apr 17, 2016: The bracelet is very well made and looks great. I have received many comments about the bracelet. I would recommend it to anyone.

Reviewer: David S T.
Thu Apr 10, 2016: The value of the product and it’s message bring value to my life; especially during a emergency. It’s my silent voice acknowledgement.

Sun Apr 06, 2016: Strong, nice looking, nice piece of jewellery, well pleased with purchase and it fits well and looks good on my small wrist. Looks modern too. I expect a lot of comments.

Reviewer: Gloria B.
Mon Mar 24, 2016: Did not like the chain ,otherwise love it .

Reviewer: Diana C.
Tue Mar 04, 2016: like the face, charm, of odyssey bracelet - but wish bracelet part was less shiny, more of a dark silver tone to match inner silver design on face, to make it richer looking and I prefer flatter interwoven chain on bracelets

Reviewer: John W.
Mon Feb 17, 2016: Amazing Couldn’t believe the silver content of this thing. It looks nice, feels comfortable and most of all has my important information on a attractive piece of jewelry that is sure to be noticed in an emergency.

Reviewer: Mary M.
Tue Feb 11, 2016: I really like the way this bracelet looked, but I don’t wear it very often because it is so difficult for me to use the lobster claw on it. I don’t have anyone to help put it on and it is almost impossible to do by myself.

Reviewer: Peggy C.
Fri Dec 20, 2015: Good looking, well made, will last for years.

Reviewer: Elsa C.
Thu Nov 28, 2015: Well made. Sturdy, yet attractive

Sat Nov 02, 2015:

Reviewer: Justine
Mon Oct 14, 2015: beautiful

Reviewer: Becky B.
Fri Sep 06, 2015: I am very impressed with the quality of the bracelet as well as the quick turnaround timeframe from time of order to delivery.

Reviewer: Melodie F.
Thu Jun 13, 2015: I love this medical bracelet. Never have seen a pretty one till this. I have already sent a reply that you have posted with the purchase of bracelets. It’s not just a medical bracelet it’s a fine piece of jewelry, the only thing I failed to mention is that it is a Sterling Silver bracelet.

Reviewer: Melodie
Sun Jun 09, 2015: I absolutely love it No other medical braclet can compare. It’s not just a medical bracelet it’s a fine piece of jewelry

Reviewer: Stephanie C.
Sat Jun 08, 2015: The bracelet has a slight flaw on the emblem but otherwise it’s fine. Knowing he has his health conditions on him at all times is a great relief for me.

Reviewer: Jeff S.
Wed May 15, 2015: I am pleased with this purchase.

Reviewer: Carl L.
Tue May 14, 2015: I was pleasantly surprised at the overall great looks and the quality of the bracelet I purchased. Love it

Reviewer: Juddee M.
Thu May 02, 2015: Great

Reviewer: Mary B.
Wed Apr 24, 2015: My husband loves it. He is a big man and it has the weight and look of an more expensive bracelet.

Reviewer: Hector G.
Sun Apr 14, 2015: Looks good. Lke wear

Tue Apr 09, 2015: well made and attractive

Reviewer: Rei
Sat Mar 23, 2015: Very appealing to the eye & you can wear it with yellow or white gold The clasp could be made a little better, yet overall beautifully crafted. It fits to the exact measurement so you have to take that into consideration. There should be an extra ring or two added just incase.

Reviewer: Virginia H.
Sun Mar 17, 2015: It looked exactly like I though it would, it met my expectations, and l love it.

Reviewer: Jonathan R.
Sat Mar 02, 2015: very nice for thr price.

Reviewer: Larry C.
Thu Jan 31, 2015: Clasp can be difficult. Need a bit larger size for persons with larger muscular wrists.

Reviewer: Tango B.
Fri Dec 28, 2012: Exactly as described and ordered, so therefore, excellent. However, I suggest that if possible, the chain length options be extended/widened, as 8 inches, while adequate, would ideally have been 8 .

Reviewer: Juddee M.
Thu Dec 13, 2012: Quality purchase.

Reviewer: Joyce S.
Tue Oct 30, 2012: The inscribing was accurate. It is a gift for my brother for Christmas. I hope that it fits and he likes it.

Reviewer: Joyce S.
Tue Oct 30, 2012: The inscribing was accurate. It is a gift for my brother for Christmas. I hope that it fits and he likes it.

Reviewer: S K.
Thu Oct 11, 2012: Very pleased with the quality of the product. The emblem is smaller than I thought it would be.

Reviewer: Francis R.
Tue Jun 19, 2012: I am very pleased with my selection.It is elegant and very smart looking. The best purchase that I have made from American MedicalID.

Reviewer: Sally P.
Wed Jul 06, 2011: I was happy with my choice. The face of the bracelet has a worn look around the edge of the darker material. I was not happy at the delay in receiving the finished product - I ordered in April and received in June. Had many email interactions with customer service. Finally was offered a free bracelet to carry me through the delay, too little, too late - the freeby arrived 2 days before the finished product. My concern the whole time was health predicated a need for medical i.d. in case of emergency

Reviewer: Bryien G.
Mon Jun 06, 2011: The product looked great, but it was too small and I had to return it to be resized.

Reviewer: Larry D.
Mon Apr 25, 2011: I am very happy with the bracelet.

Reviewer: Helen C.
Sat Jan 22, 2011: the chain is a little large

Reviewer: Dawn S.
Fri Jan 14, 2011: love it because it looks good on and i can ware it with anything

Reviewer: Cheryl H.
Tue Dec 28, 2010: It looks as good as it did on the website. It fits great and is very comfortable. I also got the sportsband as well and that one I am not as crazy about. It is really stiff and not comfortable to wear.

Reviewer: Billy N.
Wed Dec 08, 2010: The bracelet is perfect for my needs. I had to return the access charm because my name was spelled wrong.

Reviewer: Anne D.
Sat Nov 27, 2010: It looks good but my daughter says it scratches easily.

Reviewer: Samuel S.
Fri Oct 22, 2010: Very impressive quality & style. The design is bold and I have received several positive comments from people who have noticed it. I wish that this style were available in Stainless steel, though. I prefer that metal to silver for durability and shine, instead of silver.

Thu Oct 21, 2010: Very nice. I liked that it looked more like a piece of jewlery rather than a tradition medical alert bracelet. The only thing I would suggest would be to affix the gold insignia better, as it gets caught on hair.

Reviewer: Paul L.
Tue Oct 19, 2010: Nice bracelet, overall style and size good.. Bracelet links a little too big for me but I liked the charm. Lettering clear nice font. I’ll make another purchase in the future.

Reviewer: Lily D.
Mon Jul 26, 2010: Good quality and looks great however the clasp is far to difficult to operate. This an extremely impractical feature for anyone with disability

Reviewer: Rick D.
Wed Jun 16, 2010: Quality product. Very nice looking.

Reviewer: Heather B.
Wed Apr 28, 2010: I think it is a wonderful bracelet. The chain does not look the same as the picture and I was a little disappointed with that. Additionally, I am a little concerned about the loop on the top or the charm, as I feel like it is bent and am worried about it breaking off. I wish the charm had a hole drilled through the charm itself. I would recommend your company, but perhaps another product.

Reviewer: Marilyn D.
Wed Apr 28, 2010: the charm on the front already came off. I have only had it two weeks. I paid 150.00 it should last longer

Reviewer: H P.
Tue Apr 27, 2010: Gorgeous and stylish--worth the price

Reviewer: Oscar I.
Tue Apr 20, 2010: great

Reviewer: Jeanne L.
Mon Apr 12, 2010: Very dissatisfied. Bought it for husband in sterling and he only wore it one week and it was already tarnished. I called and was told they would send a polishing cloth or I could return it and be charged a 15% return fee. Altogether not a good experience with this company. This was my husband ’s birthday present and at 146 I thought it would be of better quality.

Reviewer: M. M.
Mon Apr 05, 2010: It ’s the best bracelet you have offered so far. However, I personally would have liked the option of a larger plate--to hold a bit more engraving. Nevertheless, I love the boldness of the whole piece.

Reviewer: Marion H.
Wed Mar 31, 2010: I loved it; my husband loved it. I thought however, that the engraving could have been heavier or deeper as it is a little difficult to read.

Reviewer: Larry H.
Tue Mar 30, 2010: I like the bracelet, except for the links. They seem to mash into my wrist. When my hand is resting on a table or some flat surface, you can feel it sinking into your skin. Perhaps if the links were a little more flat , I would not feel it. Other than that I love the styling.

Reviewer: Gary C.
Thu Mar 25, 2010: Love it. It ’s perfect. It ’s comfortable, stylish and the engraving is easy to read.

Reviewer: Alaina W.
Fri Mar 19, 2010: its alot stronger than my last one and much better made, i love it and have recommended it to some of my friends

Reviewer: Cailen H.
Mon Mar 15, 2010: I love the style and look. The only recommendation I have is that I would love to see it offered in stainless steele or even titanium so it doesnt have to continually be re-rhodium plated or keep tarnishing. This would also make it last much longer as the silver portion that connects the clasp onto the jumpring is fairly thin.

Fri Feb 26, 2010: It ’s a good size. My boyfriend likes it a lot. Doesn ’t pull his arm hair. Looks pretty cool. Good customer service too

Reviewer: Helle-mai L.
Thu Feb 25, 2010: Absolutely gorgeous. Looks like expensive jewelry, but also sturdy. My Husband loves it.

Reviewer: Joann C.
Wed Feb 03, 2010: The bracelet is attractive, well made and gives the appropriate emergency information. I will definitely return if I need more products of this type.

Reviewer: Gerald M.
Fri Jan 22, 2010: The one problem I have is that it is dificult to put on. I like the bracelet.

Reviewer: Ramona H.
Fri Jan 22, 2010: Purchased bracelet for my husband. He absolutely loves it. Very comfortable and elegant.

Reviewer: Victoria
Fri Jan 01, 2010: I am very happy with the bracelet I selected.

Reviewer: Jerry R.
Thu Dec 31, 2009: very good other than the face of the bracelet look a little differeent from the picture, the gold center was lighter in color and face not as dark. Overall was okay

Reviewer: Megan F.
Sun Dec 27, 2009: nice products, good service and good quality of products

Reviewer: Debra N.
Sat Dec 26, 2009: I love the way the bracelet looks and feels on my wrist. I like that the links are all welded shut--no way for a link to open and bracelet fall off as on others I have worn. I also like the chunky chain--I know it won ’t break

Reviewer: M M.
Wed Dec 23, 2009: The tag and necklace was purchased for my father a former USMC Vet. whom which, was very impressed with the purchase, quality and overall appearance.

Reviewer: Brigette G.
Thu Dec 10, 2009: Very nice, doesn ’t look gotty like the old one ’s

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